Line Navigation Time Trial Challenge II

Usually, the easel holds the paper, and the artist holds the pen. The Line Navigation Time Trial Challenge defies this convention. Two participants stand facing each other. One holds a large page and presses it against the nib of a pen that is fixed to the easel. The other gives directions as to how the page needs to be moved in order to draw a line through the five circles pre-printed on the page. The participant who completes this line in the shortest time wins the honor of the top position on the leader board.

Originally made for the V&A Village Fete 2007, this new improved version using wipeable whiteboards was commissioned by the Barbican for the ‘Do Something Different’ weekend on Saturday 8 and Sunday 9 March.

All of the entries and a short film can be seen at www.eatock.com

Made with Daniel Eatock, Simon Jones & James Killcross.